As an independent driving school, we are able to offer exceptional value, low cost driving lessons.

             for novice drivers only *         first 5 hours for £100

    then blocks of 6 or 10 hour driving lessons are  £25 per hour

£25  : rate for blocks of lessons           (for novice drivers after the intro offer of first 5 hours for £100)

                         6 hour blocks = £150            10 hour blocks = £250

£25  : per hour for the standard pay-as-you-go rate.                                                                                                                               

On P-A-Y-G you will need to fund one lesson in advance, therefore on the first booking an additional lesson will be required to be paid for as well.            This will be used to pay for any short-notice cancellations.  PAYG payments need to be made 48 hours in advance of the next planned lesson.

£27  : per hour for full licence holders and for non-block or non-PAYG pupils

£30  : per hour motorway lessons

* Terms & Conditions

      • Novice pupils only

      • It is at the discretion of the driving school, who is eligible for, and can have the introductory offers.

      • The introductory offer is NOT available to those candidates that have had previous driving experience with another instructor
      • Only one introductory offer allowed per pupil which MUST BE paid for in full on first lesson.

      • Block bookings allow pupils to have regular day and slot times. 

The driving school reserves the right to change or remove or restrict any of the offers at any time.

Money Back Guarantee

If in the unlikely event that you decide not to continue with our driving school, we guarantee to refund any outstanding credit back to you, minus any tuition hours that you may have already taken. Refunds will be based on the price rate of the block of hours booked.


 Lesson prices are applicable from March 2018